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I was skeptical at first, I’d tried other “natural” stain removers with limited luck. However this has gotten ink and blood out of my carpets and furniture. I sprayed it on, let it sit for a minute and watched the stains disappear in real time!

Submitted Saturday Aug. 08 by . Verified Buyer

Reviewing: 2 Pack Odor & Stain Eliminator

Smells Amazing


I love this wash

Submitted Wednesday Aug. 19 by Sasha M. Verified Buyer

Reviewing: Signature Scent Laundry Wash



This is great for smell

Submitted Wednesday Aug. 19 by Sasha M. Verified Buyer

Reviewing: Signature Scent Laundry Rinse

Love It


I love this but I think it’s a little pricey for such a small portion

Submitted Wednesday Aug. 19 by Sasha M, Verified Buyer

Reviewing: OxyBoost Brightener

Great Detergent


I like this detergent.

Submitted Wednesday Aug. 19 by Portia T Verified Buyer

Reviewing: Unscented Laundry Wash

Dryer Angel


I did not receive the dryer angel to put the bags in. please send one. thanks, jeff

Submitted Thursday Aug. 20 by Jeffrey C Verified Buyer

Reviewing: Dryer Angel

Poor Performance With The Dishwasher, Booster & Rinse Aid


I was so hopeful that this would be a good alternative to traditional dishwasher soap. Unfortunately, for me, this product did not do well. I do live in an area where there is hard water which complicates everything. My dishes and silverware all come out extremely spotty. I've used more of the booster and rinse to no avail. I've added 3 times the amount of vinegar to the wash load to try and help, but the dishes continue to come out poorly. I've had family member accuse me of not washing the dishes at all! Help! What do I do with all this product?

Submitted Thursday Aug. 27 by Cristie M Verified Buyer

Reviewing: 3 Pack Dishwasher Bundle

Worth Every Penny!


I'm no genius, especially when it comes to EO's. But when I found this oil and learned that it was ACTUALLY organic I was sold!

Submitted Thursday Sep. 10 by Test D Verified Buyer

Reviewing: Bara Calming Blend 06

Best Essential Oil Brand


You don't need to know all there is to know on EO's to know that these are the best EO's on the market.

Submitted Thursday Sep. 10 by Elisa B Verified Buyer

Reviewing: Bara Courage Blend 01

Laundry Rinse


It is ok but my towels feel rough even though I use 5 felted wool balls in the dryer.

Submitted Sunday Sep. 27 by Anita M. Verified Buyer

Reviewing: Signature Scent Laundry Rinse

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