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Laundry Adventure


The site is attractive and not cluttered. I wanted to find out the options for choosing frequency but had to go through the process of signing up. I need to know how it works first. I discovered the sale items only once I clicked on the a la cart at the bottom of the page. I thought the ONLY option was to have a reoccurring order. So far I've tried the discovery kit and was pleased. I'm awaiting the arrive of my bundle order. Looking forward to my new laundry adventure!

Submitted Saturday Sep. 08 by Suzanne E. Verified Buyer

Very Pleased


I have been surprised and pleased at the cleaning power of a half cap fulll of this product. The wash is clean and smells nice.

Submitted Sunday Sep. 16 by Dorothy C. Verified Buyer

Reviewing: Signature Scent Laundry Wash

I Love The Products


I love the products

Submitted Saturday Oct. 06 by Janet S. Verified Buyer

Dingy Whites


To start I never review anything, so whining in not the purpose of this review (don't like whiners). However, the purpose is to give people an unsolicited, unbias, unemotional eco-friendly because its trendy opinion. This review is based solely on my experience of this product alone. I bought his product on a recommendation from my mom, since the eco friendly Amway product I bought went up in price for less product. After using one bottle of 50 load capacity I noticed that my whites just got dingier and dingier (fyi: for those who think I did not use it long enough, as a single dad for 10 years now, and washing my own clothes for 20, I do 2 loads of laundry once a week at 50 loads per bottle you can do the math.). The armpits on my white undershirts turned a brownish grey (I use all natural deodorant no garbage on my pits), which I never had a problem with before and won't come out now (since I refuse to use bleach weakens the clothing fibers, and is no good for our environment). I decided to experiment by refilling the bottle with double the packets, using 100 load capacity amount in the 50 load bottle, to no avail. After using half the bottle with double the amount, my whites didn't improve just looked worse. So I quit using this product and went back to using my Amway detergent which has reduced the dingy effect. I am not upset with this company nor trying to belittle them, actually the company is great, and I applaud their efforts to improve peoples lives and the environment (which are both my top priorities). But if a product doesn't work it doesn't work. Nothing can be done unless the formula changes. I gave the product 2 stars for the quality effort and friendliness of the company alone, not for the product quality.

Submitted Thursday Jun. 06 by Mark M.

Love The Stuff


Somehow, this natural cleaner magically is strong enough to get my husbands nasty, greasy work clothes clean yet mild enough for my delicate work clothing. I can't explain it, it just works. I end up wit way more softener than I need but I'd like more of the enzyme cleaner and the brighter. I'd like to be able to alternate my standing, minimum order easily. Otherwise, I love these products and the convenience the company offers. Also, it's easy to do the'green thing.

Submitted Saturday Jul. 23 by Lisa M. Verified Buyer

Reviewing: Signature Scent Laundry Wash

I Purchased My 1st Selestial


I purchased my 1st Selestial Soap at the Green Festival in Chicago. It lasted us for months and loved it.

Submitted Tuesday Dec. 03 by Mazie S. Verified Buyer

Reviewing: Signature Scent Laundry Wash

Good Product


My husband likes this product as he has sensitive skin and his clothes cannot be washed in the commercial soaps

Submitted Tuesday Feb. 25 by Maria B. Verified Buyer

Reviewing: Signature Scent Laundry Wash

Best Soap For My Sensitive Skin!


I love Selestial Soap and rave about it to all my friends and family. I never knew how much of my skin irritation was due to my laundry soap. Since I switched my clothes feel cleaner and my skin is thanking me. I live in the Detroit area and since I can't find it locally, I order online. My shipment arrives very quickly. I have even made a special stop while on vacation in TC to pick up a giant bottle. My hubby thought I was a little nuts, but I do love this soap!

Submitted Saturday Nov. 22 by Mjn, I. Verified Buyer

Reviewing: Signature Scent Laundry Wash

Clean Laundry


I am very pleased with my purchase, all of my laundry is very clean. could not be happier!

Submitted Friday May. 22 by Billie C. Verified Buyer

Reviewing: Signature Scent Laundry Wash

Everyday Laundry


I am amazed how a tiny scoop of the enzyme stain remover will work in a huge load of cloths.

Submitted Wednesday Jun. 17 by Grace S. Verified Buyer

Reviewing: Enzyme Stain Remover

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