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Craig P. - verified buyer 01/01/2016

My wife and I love

My wife and I love mygreenfills products !


Cami R. - verified buyer 01/02/2016

Stellar performance

I started using My Green Fills 3 weeks ago. I held off giving a review right away because I wanted to use this product awhile before doing so. I wanted to see it perform through some of our more difficult challenges. It has stood the test very well and is far and above any other laundry soaps, including my own home made! It's hard for me to get terribly excited about doing the laundry, but if I as going to hoop and holler about it, My Green Fills would certainly do it for me!


James R. - verified buyer 01/03/2016

great products

all the products are great everybody schould try it you wont regreat it the best i have ever used!!


Jen N. - verified buyer 01/03/2016


I'm never going back to another jug of laundry detergent again. I love this stuff! Great cleaning power, no scent, easy to refill and a great price. I'm so happy that I found this wonderful product!


Aimee C. - verified buyer 01/05/2016

Very pleased!

I'm very pleased with my green fills. It's affordable and is what I've been looking for. My daughter has terrible eczema and everything seems to cause a flare up. So far, no new flare ups while using the mygreenfills/selestial soap. I'm very pleased.


Kim H. - verified buyer 01/06/2016

Review of products.

Love every product sent. The odor in my HE machine goes away when I use them. My towels actually dry me now without being coated in chemical softeners. Have no need for bleach because your product makes any stains go away and my clothes are bright. Had forgotten what it feels like to just do " normal" laundry and not have to smell so many products that worry me. I am a believer now!


Sherita K. - verified buyer 01/07/2016

Awesome Product At An Awesome Deal!

I am so grateful for this company. I have been in search for a true natural detergent and I stumbled across a website that was talking about Selestial Soap and gave it a try. I am so very glad I did! I have been telling others about this company and plan to be a long time customer. Thanks again! Sherita


Tatjana K. - verified buyer 01/08/2016

Best Buy!!

Love!! Great buy, everything you need and more.


Tamara B. - verified buyer 01/10/2016


I absolutely love this product. It cleans my clothes so well and has gotten stains out that have been there before I started using it. The only thing I don't like is the laundry and softener last me 2 months but the booster only last 1 month because you use 2 ounces instead of 1 ounce. I wish it all lasted the same amount of time so I didn't have to order it every month. Love the product though.


Mary B. - verified buyer 01/11/2016

Good smelling products

Good smelling products


Christy S. - verified buyer 01/11/2016

Love this product!

I have tried other natural laundry detergents, but this is the first system that I have found that is natural and locally based (for me at least). We love supporting our Michigan families. PLUS, our clothes are so clean and I feel better with my kids wearing their clothes knowing that there aren't the harsh chemicals being absorbed into their skin.


Danielle K. - verified buyer 01/12/2016

quite pleased

Love this product, just started using it and have already seen the difference 🙂


Sandy - verified reviewer 01/15/2016

Love this !!

This is by far the best product I have ever used! I could tell from the 1st load, my clothes felt soft no residue feeling , they came out of the dryer without static ! I am truly so impressed and now tell everyone them have to get this product!


Traci C. - verified buyer 01/16/2016

Love it!

Haven't had a chance to use the laundry soap except a couple "sample tries at first" because I'm using up what I have on hand, but the brightener, softener and stain remover so far have been amazing. Love that I don't have to worry about my septic and grey water anymore and my clothes are clean and fresher than ever! Thank you! Can't wait to start using the soap on a regular basis!


Jeffrey B. - verified buyer 01/18/2016

Excellent customer service and product

Every time I have called, I have received a kind human voice that takes care of my concerns (I needed to change my automatic recurring order frequency, which I love, by the way). As far as the laundry detergent, my clothes come out smelling and looking clean...without the constant throwing away (recycling) of plastic bottles. Price is great, too. Win all around.


Misty B. - verified buyer 01/18/2016

amazing laundry revolution!

i have never enjoyed doing the dreaded chore of laundry before as much as I do since using these products. not only are the products amazing but the company is outstanding in everyway. im so happy to be a part of the selestial soap company!


Laurie J. - verified buyer 01/19/2016

Convenient and Natural!

I am really enjoying my GreenFills detergent. It makes me feel good to know that these products are all natural and safe for my family. I also like the convenience of having them sent to my home. The small packets of product don't take up much space to store, and I just need to add water to make a full jug of detergent. How cool is that?


Karyn S. - verified buyer 01/21/2016

Good Product

I am very happy with My Green Fills laundry detergent and stain remover. We love how fresh the cloths smell and look. I didn't give 5 stars because it did not last a full four weeks. I don't know if it a learning curve or we have a lot of laundry. We will continue to use it and see.


Kay C. - verified buyer 01/22/2016

I am in Love...

When I received my Free GreenFills I first fell in love with the packaging but soon realized that it was also a great product! Works great and the smell is never overwhelming just clean... Thanks so much and I plan to continue buying all your great products.


Chrissy J. - verified buyer 01/22/2016

Great laundry soap

Great laundry soap


Wendie j. - verified buyer 01/24/2016

I am still deciding on

I am still deciding on the effectiveness of your product.


Kate S. - verified buyer 01/24/2016

Awesome Product from an Amazing Company

I love that all of their laundry products are cloth diaper safe and sensitive skin friendly. They are great for the environment and actually clean everything that needs cleaning. What is most impressive is the customer service and the company itself. What they believe in and how they show it is not found most places. They rock!!


Candielee S. - verified buyer 01/26/2016

MyGreenRefills Review

I really love this stuff! The clothes come out clean and just smell really fresh. And it is wonderful on my sons cloth diapers. Great stuff, love what they stand for and support what they are doing. You guys really need to give them a try, it's really easy. Thanks for what you guys are doing at Mygreenrefills 🙂


Katya M. - verified buyer 01/30/2016

I've ised the products a

I've ised the products a handful of time now and absolutely love it!!


Alyssa J. - verified buyer 02/01/2016

Great Soap, Good Value

Having an urban farm can mean our clothes experience a lot of different stains and come in contact with both urban and farm messes. Since switching our clothes seem softer, brighter, and cleaner--and the light scent is lovely!


Jennifer W. - verified buyer 02/03/2016

All products I have received and used

I cannot express how much I love these products! I have a skin disorder and highly sensitive, I have no issues with my skin disorder using this product. Hands down the best! We ran out a couple of days before our shipment last month and my husband bought detergent to use til our shipment came in. Omg!! We had to Rewash all the clothes, my skin was so red and itchy especially from pillow cases I slept on. I will not go without again!!


Sarah W. - verified buyer 02/04/2016

Great product!

We love the products! My husband was super skeptical, but even he can't deny how well they work!


Janice B. - verified buyer 02/04/2016

I love these products!

I tried these products with little faith that the would work. I am so pleased with them I have already re-ordered. The products work so well and we are no longer have chemical residue on the clothes. We live on a farm and have super dirty clothes constantly so I can truly say that this stuff works extremely well!


Grace N. - verified buyer 02/05/2016


I was skeptical at first, but I love their products! My 3 year old has multiple food and environmental allergies and this does not break her out! The only other soap that didn't break her out is my homemade soap using Ivory.


Gennel M. - verified buyer 02/07/2016

I did not receive anything.

I did not receive anything.


Dana L. - verified buyer 02/07/2016

Great clean wish it had scent

Clothes are clean and soft. Only thing is being used to commercial products hard for me to get used to have no smell to clothes and sheets. Wish they had a natural scent of lavender or anything clean smelling


Sarah F. - verified buyer 02/08/2016

So far, so great

It has only been a short time that I have been using this detergent, but it is great so far.


Stacy D. - verified buyer 02/09/2016

Love it

I am pleases with the product. I just wish that the bottles wouldn't "leak" from the spout of the bottle when I am feeling the cup with the soap and etc. my washer and dryer is like a grey color are I can so all the drops . But other then that I am so happy with how my clothes smell and come out clean


Monica S. - verified buyer 02/09/2016

Love this stuff!

I love these products! I don't break out from them like other laundry care products, and I love they are affordable! We try hard to use natural products but it isn't always doable due to cost these have cut my laundry costs by a lot!

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