Stone & Steel Cleansing Polish

Stone & Steel Cleansing Polish

This 2 in 1 cleansing and polishing superpower electrifies the stone, steel and hard surfaces in your home, and free of all toxic chemicals.

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This 2 in 1 cleansing and polishing superpower electrifies the stone, steel and hard surfaces in your home, and free of all toxic chemicals.

Many of the conventional stone or steel polishes you find on store shelves contain toxic ingredients that are known to cause cancer, damage to your DNA and organ failure. We wanted to create a 2 in 1 stone and steel cleaner and polish that any member of the family could easily use, without worrying about the harmful effects of toxins.

The formula that was created is completely non-toxic, sustainable and scent-free. It’s safe and gentle, yet can go toe to toe with other harsh chemical cleaners. Not only does it cut through fingerprints and dust but can also seal, protect and restore your stone and steel surfaces.  

We offer reusable containers and highly concentrated refill packages making this the most sustainable Stone & Steel Cleansing Polish available. Cut through the dust and polish your hard surfaces without any of the harmful toxicity.

Most cleaners and polishes that line the cleaning aisle in the grocery store, contain nasty chemicals linked to a whole host of serious health implications (even some “green”,”eco” and “natural” types of cleaners have these). When using these cleaners your environment is at risk, especially for your family!

Truly Stone & Steel Cleansing Polish is a completely revolutionary polishing product. It's so great you won't be able to buy it anywhere else, so check it off your grocery list for EVER! 

Our formulas are free of chemicals and crafted with only sustainable AND naturally occurring ingredients. Deeply clean and know that you’re keeping your home and family Truly Free of harmful toxins.

What’s In It?

Deionized Water, Alkyl-Poly Glucoside (sugar-derived cleaning agent), Dimethyl Siloxanes (naturally derived conditioning agent), Decyl Glucoside (cleaning agent made from coconut, and sugar), Coco-Betaine (safe cleaning alternative made from coconut),  Sodium Sesqui-Carbonate (salt-based pH regulator that is safer than phosphates), Cocamine Oxide (fatty acids from plants), Sodium Citrate (plant-derived pH adjuster), Sodium Benzoate (from plants and lye).

What’s Not In It?

Synthetic Fragrance, Dyes, Thickeners, zinc, formaldehyde, phenols, butyls, pine oils, propellants, aerosols, distillates, petroleum, butane, DEA, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate and more.

How To Use

  1. Fill bottle with warm water to the top of the sleeve
  2. Add this refill pouch
  3. Top off with water, tighten sprayer securely
  4. Shake it up & clean with nature™

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