Laundry Machine Cleaner

Non-Toxic Detox for your laundry machine!

Laundry Machine Cleaner

Suds Makers (AKA: Surfactants found in conventional laundry detergent) build-up in washing machines, especially HE Washers causing a bacteria-ridden-moldy-funky-odor. Our Laundry Machine Cleaner leaves your machine smelling fresh, sparkling clean, and free of funk.

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What’s In It?

Citric Acid , Sodium Bi-Carbonate , Sodium Acetate, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Chloride and LOTS OF LOVE!

What’s Not In It?

No toxic surfactants, Oxygen Bleach (Percarbonate), Carbonic acid, polyethylene glycol, glucano-delta-lactone , benzenesulfonic acid, or Perfumes.

How To Use

  • Toss bag inside your washing machine
  • Run a heavy, hot water cycle
  • Your machine is now funk free! Reuse the bag for your knick knacks.