Fruit and Veggie Wash Refills

Super powerful, gentle and effective cleansing of your fruits and veggies of harmful foreign contaminants and debris.

Fruit and Veggie Wash

Pesticides, herbicides and other types of debris and fungus are honestly not safe for human consumption, so it is vital that you clean your fruit and veggies properly - even if you are buying organic produce

The majority of “non-toxic” fruit and veggie wash products on the market either don’t work or actually contain ingredients that combine with foreign debris and create toxic chemical byproducts. 

Our formula is a superpower for gently and effectively cleansing your fruits and veggies of harmful foreign contaminants and debris, leaving you with all of the goodness of fruits and veggies, and none of the unexpected and unforeseen bad.

We offer reusable glass containers and highly concentrated refill packages making this the most sustainable stain and odor elimination product available.

Price: $12.00

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What’s In It?

Purified Water, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Ethyl Alcohol, Organic Glycerin, Natural Mineral (Potassium Hydroxide), Organic Grapefruit Oil

What’s Not In It?

Fragrance, Dyes, Thickeners, Formaldehyde, Fillers, Glycol ethers, Monoethanolamine, isopropanol, Phthalates, Perchloroethylene or “PERC”, Triclosan, Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, or “QUATS”, Ammonia, Chlorine

How To Use

  1. Fill bottle with warm water to the top of sleeve
  2. Add this refill pouch
  3. Top off with water, tighten sprayer securely
  4. Spray to Cover Produce
  5. Rub for 1 minute
  6. Rinse under water

Why Truly Free Fruit and Veggie Wash?

The Problem

Fruits and vegetables accumulate all kinds of harmful pesticides, herbicides and other debris that you should not be consuming - even when you are buying organic produce!

When you're shopping for a fruit and veggie wash, you see all the bottles with green logos and claims of being “eco” or “green”. Although these products claim to be environmentally friendly yet they are packed into a non-recyclable bottle or jug that will ultimately end up in landfills (or even worse yet the ocean!). The truth is that the majority of those Fruit and Veggie washes on the market also contain toxic ingredients that will linger in your home and in our environment for hundreds of years. This means they are not truly safe for your home or the planet.

The Problem Solved

Truly Free Fruit and Veggie wash gently cleanses your produce so that you aren’t consuming any of these toxic and harmful contaminants. Our formula doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals, but rather Truly naturally derived ingredients that make cleaning produce quick, easy and Truly safe.

If it’s not safe enough to use around our children, families, and pets, we wouldn't put it near yours! 

We know you rarely get a big thank you for cleaning, so here it is:

Thank you for cleaning your home, caring for your family and taking a step to a better future. 

The Benefits/ Impact

Truly Free is a carefully composed formula in a reusable glass container. Not only does this product work great, but you'll also feel great using it! When using Truly Free know that you are being a planetary steward with this Truly non-toxic and sustainable product, and looking out for more than your own family. Truly Free’s super concentrate is shipped to you in recyclable refill pouches and minimal packaging, and is a truly sustainable cleaning solution

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