Dishwasher Soap

Cut through the toughest grease and burnt-on food to leave your dishes sparkling clean, without any of the dangerous chemical residues of conventional dishwasher detergent.

Dish Soap

Running your dishwasher then pulling out dishes that still have food on them is incredibly frustrating. Most of the store-bought dish detergent formulas contain harmful toxic chemicals that leave a residue on your dishes which then transfer directly onto your food.

The Truly Free Dishwasher Soap formula is incredibly eco-friendly and non-toxic, yet extremely powerful and effective. We carefully formulated to cut through caked-on food and leave your dishes sparkling clean.

This super-concentrated only requires a tiny scoop but goes toe-to-toe with the cleaning power of the store-bought chemical powders, liquids, and pods. Free of all fillers and binders, this product comes in as little packaging as possible, making it safe for your family AND for the environment.

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What’s In It?

Sodium Metasilicate (Mineral-Based Cleaning Agent & Water Conditioner), Sodium Carbonate (Alkalizing Salt), Sodium Citrate (Water Conditioning Mineral), Sodium Polyacrylate (Eco-Friendly Soil Ant-Redeposition Agent), Tetrasodium Salt (Hard Water Softener), and LOTS OF LOVE.

What’s Not In It?

Fragrance, Ammonia, Bleach, Dyes, Thickeners, Formaldehyde, Fillers, Parabens, Phosphates, Monoethanolamine, SLS, isopropanol, Phthalates, Perchloroethylene or PERC, Triclosan, Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, or QUATS

How To Use

  1. Add 1 full scoop of Dishwasher Soap to your machine’s detergent compartment
  2. Run your dishwasher for the desired cycle
  3. Enjoy chemical-free dishes

Why Truly Free Dishwasher Soap?

The Problem

Ordinary chemical-based dish detergents are loaded with toxic chemicals. These chemicals that can leave a residue on your dishes.  These chemicals are then eaten and can cause a variety of near and long term health risks.

The Problem Solved

The Truly Free Dishwasher Soap is a super-concentrated and powerful formula that cleans your dishes but is free from toxic chemicals and their serious health risks.  Never again do you need to sacrifice your health for the cleaning power of toxic chemicals, or create unnecessary plastic and packaging waste.

The Benefits/ Impact

Truly Free is a carefully composed formula in a highly concentrated and condensed non-toxic powder. Using the Dishwasher Soap also protects the environment from the countless downstream effects of releasing toxic chemicals into your city’s water treatment systems or a septic system. Truly Free’s super concentrate is shipped to you in recyclable and compostable pouches and minimal packaging and is a truly sustainable cleaning solution

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