Frequently Asked Questions

1. Claim your free soap with any bundle and checkout.

2. Simply help cover the shipping costs. After this, your refills will be sent monthly (unless modified) with FREE SHIPPING.

3. These packages are JUST A STARTING POINT, you will receive a custom link when you join, where you can MODIFY ANYTHING in your membership at ANYTIME.

Yes! If you are not completely satisfied in 30 days: let us know that you will be shipping the plastic jugs back and we will not charge your card. The soap’s on us. The reason why we ask that you ship our jugs back is two fold: 1. Eliminating plastic laundry jug waste is part of our Creed 2. We are a small company and cannot afford to send free month trials to people who have no intention of joining our family. So we simply ask that you do not take advantage of us…

Absolutely! We will allow you to completely modify anything in your membership at anytime. You can easily change the type, quantity, and frequency of anything in your membership.

Our products work great! We have a 4.7 out of 5 Star prove it, however, we never proclaim to sell magic! In order to get some extremely hard stains, we would have to add some pretty toxic and powerful chemicals to our products and we refuse to do so. We will not sacrifice your safety for the desire to make money. If a product is not safe enough to put on our children, we will not put it on yours…

No. Our products will easily clean most stains. It is always good laundry wisdom to pretreat stains, especially, hard-to-clean food stains and grease stains. We have many laundry cleaning ideas and hacks on our YouTube Channel, Blog and Facebook page.

Unfortunately Not… We do however, upon special requests have shipped laundry freedom to the far reaches of the planet! Drop us an email with any requests!

Yes they are! Mostly because we do not use the slimy, goopy and perfumed chemicals that the rest of the industry does. Check out this video blog post where we actually made some “conventional” laundry goop :https://mygreenfills.com/diy-laundry-slimy-goop

No doubt about it! We actually made a video/blog post about that! Check it out here: https://mygreenfills.com/is-goopy-laundry-soap-septic-safe/